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Personalization matters. Experience matters. Reach matters. Partner with Roche CDx because your assay choice matters.

Roche is the world’s #1 provider of companion diagnostics, offering unrivaled experience in developing and commercializing predictive tests that enable personalized treatment strategies for patients.


Facilitated by our robust development discipline, comprehensive end-to-end process, integrated technology approach and commercial reach, our pharmaceutical partners have delivered diagnostic tests into more labs, providing more patients access to innovative drugs more quickly.

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Whatever your stage of drug development, rely on us to bolster your program’s probability of success. Explore our offerings.
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Assay portfolio


Our portfolio of on-market IVD assays features the greatest number of companion diagnostics for targeted and immunotherapies, covering many therapies and indications. We also offer an impressive menu of 75+ assays supported in our CAP/CLIA lab, which includes many important emerging biomarkers as well as multiplex panels.


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About Roche CDx

In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, we help to advance precision medicine by innovating and developing high medical value diagnostics that transform the lives of cancer patients. Our standardized, fully-automated and easy-to-use solutions enable reliable results and rapid turnaround time, empowering clinicians with essential information to guide timely, personalized treatment strategies.

CDx development process

Our thorough, end-to-end process enables partners to advance and accelerate clinical and research programs aimed at personalizing care for patients. Wherever your company is in the drug development process, we start with the end in mind, employing our world-class capabilities and expertise to build in robust quality while bridging the gap to patient access at every step along the way.